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Led your time con LYT for Home

DOMOTICS deals with the study of those technologies addressed to enhancing the quality of life in private homes and it has always been a wealthy people field, keeping out a much larger slice of both tenants and owners. Let’s say, a luxury for few ones.

Thanks to the many possibilities offered by qualified technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), to the growing of devices pervasivity (BYOD), to the reduction of electronic components price and, least but not last, to the virtuous circle triggered by the attendance to community maker, Authometion has set in its mind on realizing domotic products accessible for everyone, simple to use and improving people’s daily life.

It is in this perspective that Authometion has chosen lighting as a first field of application. We consider lighting to be the best way for people to more easily approach domotics: everybody knows lamps and everybody can replace a lamp. No technical knowledge is needed.

For this reason, Authometion offers a set of smart lighting devices, called LYT for Home, giving all the advantages of a last generation domotic lighting system: switching on, switching off, color change, dimming, creation of different spaces and scenarios, internet connection together with real-time notifications (compatible with IFTTT, If This Then That). Led technology and smart use of lighting help a considerable energy saving with a consumption decreasing of 90% compared to incandescent lamps, and a decreasing of 50% compared to the low consumption fluorescent ones.