For maker

Customize your project with Arduino and LYT solutions for Maker by Authometion

The makers are a contemporary cultural movement representing a technological extension of DIY traditional world.

Among the makers’ typical interests are engineering productions as electronic equipments, robotic creations, 3D printing devices and numerical control machines.

Open sources principles, such as open access to information and technologies and experiences planning peering, are a very important reference point in makers’ culture; that triggers advantages to all of them, like the chance ofdeveloping new ideas, getting feed-backs to enhance products and optimizing R&S costs.

Authometion places itself in this scenario in a very excellent way: strongly believing in a deeply tailor-made domotic at an affordable price, mirroring people’s ideas, personality and creativity.

LYT for Maker lamps, realized by Authometion for the makers, are perfectly integrated with the Arduino open-source platform and help makers to develop enlightenment projects extremely customized.