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Arduino shield LYT/WiFi

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New Arduino LYT/WiFi Shield 

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The new Authometion LYT/WiFi shield is compatible with Arduino and has a 2.4Ghz radio transceiver on board used to control our smart led bulbs named LYT “For Makers” (but also to speak with other LYT/WiFi shields) and a WiFi module based on the popular ESP8266 SoC that will connect your projects to internet. With our libraries and examples for Arduino you will control your smart bulbs in 5 minutes creating amazing projects. 



Easy to use and configure!

Pop the shield onto your arduino, download the example codes and you are good to go! Nicely put together shield that just works!

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Arduino shield LYT/WiFi

Arduino shield LYT/WiFi

New Arduino LYT/WiFi Shield 



Arduino libraries for Authometion LYTWiFi shield 1.04

Download (61.95k)


Authometion LYTWiFi shield user manual 1.5

Download (552.14k)


PL1167 2.4Ghz Transceiver manual

Download (1.16M)